Chinese National Television visits Carel Kraayenhof

On 10 April a productionteam under the leadership of Tom Shanahan of CCTV 9 will visit Carel Kraayenhof. They will record a few interviews with Carel.The reason is the benefit-concert for the victims of the earthquake in Wenchan, Carel and a group of international artists gave last August in ‘The Great Hall of the People’, China.

On 12 May it will have been a year since the devastating earthquake killed and made homeless thousands of people. By means of the sale of the rights of this show to several tv-channels in Asia much money was collected to help the victims.But first Carel Kraayenhof and his Sexteto Canyengue will give a concert on 8 April in the National Concert Hall in Dublin.Start 20:00 h.

CCTV9 anchorman Tom Shanahan interviews Carel Kraayenhof

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