January News letter

Dear friends and relations,

Outside it is freezing cold and the ditches turn into shining diamond.

December was a busy month for Carel. Not only he cooperated as a bandoneon-player on the new CD’s of: Caro Emerald, LA the Voices and JURK!, he also gave 9 concerts with Sinfonia Rotterdam, two of which took place in Siberia. The Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble had a beautiful performance during the Telegraaf- Christmas-concert in Haarlem. Perhaps you watched this performance on television after the Christmas-speech of our queen.

Because of the crisis and the cut-downs the cold also reigns the culture-market. Fortunately the duo-concerts in Oosterbeek, Utrecht, Oostzaan and Tilburg were warm and completely sold out!

At the moment we are occupied  with the bookings for the new season 2013-2014. This is always a very busy and exciting period. Fortunately you can enjoy the concerts of the Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble in the months to come and the concerts of the Duo we could  book last year.



If you don’t  want to go out, you can see Carel and listen to him on television on:

16 January, 23:30 on Netherland 3: Musical episode of ‘De zomer voorbij’ with on the programme the number ‘Mis pibes’ with the 3 J’s.

18 January, 17:35 on Netherland 2:  ’50 Years Ronnie Tober’ with Carel and Ronnie with ‘My way’.


Sexteto Canyengue 25 years!

This year we will give extra attention to the 25# anniversary of Sexteto Canyengue. This sextet, which mainly plays on international and national tango-festivals, will be completed with the cellist Jan Willem Troost. With this an old wish of Carel will be fulfilled to come as close as possible to the sound of the ‘orquestra tipicas’.

Also we will investigate in 2013 the possibility of recording and releasing a new CD of Sexteto Canyengue by means of ‘crowd funding’. Doing this we will ask all friends and relations to give financial support to this idea. More info about this issue in our next Newsletter.


Concerts Sexteto Canyengue:

24 February Amsterdam: www.tangoalma.nl

30 March Maastricht: www.tangomaastricht.nl

Bandoneons for Jujuy

Our project to collect money for the purchase of bandoneons for Jujuy is still going on. We thank all generous donors for their gifts. Might you still want to donate, it is possible on bankaccount: in the name of St. Clavel Rojo in The Hague stating Jujuy.

More about this project in our next Newsletter.


18 January                          -Aduard: www.abdijconcerten.nl

19 January                          -Church Schermerhorn: www.grotekerkschermerhorn.nl

26 January                          -Voorburg: www.detobbe.nl


27 January                          -Ruurlo: www.kunstkringruurlo.nl

2 February                         -Eindhoven: www.muziekgebouweindhoven.nl

8 February                         -Nijmegen: www.keizerkarelpodia.nl


9 February                         -Rotterdam: www.dedoelen.nl


With sincere greetings,


Carel and Thirza.

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