Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble back form Indonesia

The Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble is back again from three concerts in Java and a masterclass and workshop in Jakarta. It was a great experience to play in a country where the Argentinian Tango hasn’t been introduced yet. It was very exciting to see how the public reacted during our first concert in the Kumunitas Theater in Salihara in the Keman district in Jakarta. We were very happy to see that the public enjoyed the concert from the first note and how happy they were afterwards. This wonderful theater is not only used for musical performances but also for art expositions and dance shows, and it has a beautiful garden with a cosy restaurant. This theater is connected with the Tropentheater in Amsterdam. The Tropentheater has taught the managers of Salihara how to start a theater and how to let is grow. And with great succes! Unfortunately the Tropentheater is forced to close its doors because of the financial cuts and this could mean that the Salihara theater has to close its doors as well because it won’t get any fundings from Holland anymore…..



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