London Symphony Orchestra, invitation for Carel.

For Carel the year 2008 has started well. He received an invitation from the London Symphony Orchestra to participate in a concert in London on the 20# of February 2009 with this orchestra.But first Sexteto Canyengue will travel to Russia for five concerts .As the group will visit Ukraine in this year as well clothes-designer “North Face” donated coats for the musicians in order to be able to cope with the hardship of 40 degrees Celsius below zero!After this trip Carel will record a new Cuban tinted cd with the Metropole Orkest.

In March Carel will give soloconcerts in a number of small churches in North-Holland (and one in Winsum in Groningen). He deliberately chose to put together an affordable soloprogram for these small stages to allow those who support him already for over 20 years, to contract him once again.

New cd with Metropole Orkest

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