Review concert Nijkerk, Kruiskerk on 19 January

Bandoneon inspires KruiskerkTuesday 22 January 2008

NIJKERK – The concert by Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue, organized last Saturday by the Foundation Music Promotion Nijkerk, was a tremendous success!Before a fully booked Kruiskerk, with 850 enthousiastic visitors, this gifted musician gave a fantastic, sparkling concert. Five quarters of an hour of violent tangomusic made it perfectly clear what a special instrument the bandoneon is. Kraayenhof and his sextet played known compositions as well as unknown pieces. These were revived by performings of an experienced dancing couple, forming a fine variation with the instrumentalsoundcascade. Many of the visitors stayed and talked over for a long time with a bite and a drink.The next concert with Isabella van Keulen, Ronald Brautigam and Amsterdam Sinfoniettawill be o n 14 March.

De Stad Nijkerk

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