Passionate rhythmics with Carel Kraayenhof

‘Tango Heroes’, theatre program of Carel Kraayenhof and the Sexteto Canyengue.Witnessed on Friday 20 October in the Purmerend Purmaryn theatre.

Twenty years ago Carel Kraayenhof exchanged the piano for the bandoneon.It became the upbeat to a steadily growing international career with acknowledgement by Argentinian men of consequence like Astor Piazolla and Osvaldo Pugliese. A highlight in the appreciation was last year’s award of an important cultural prize by the Argentinian parliament, which had not been awarded to a foreigner before.The twentieth anniversary of his career was crowned in The Netherlands with a book about his life by Astrid van Leeuwen and gave rise to a series of concerts, entitled ‘Tango Heroes ‘. It goes without saying that ‘Tango Heroes’ refers tot the great names in the history of the tango, but in fact it is also a tribute to everyone who honours the tango culture. One could think of dancing schools in The Netherlands or the barkeepers in Buenos Aires, who keep their places openfor the many musicians.CaféThat is why the theatre concert is situated in an imaginary café, bar and waiter included, where people make music, sing and dance spontaneously.‘Tango Heroes’ herewith gets a strikingly festive atmosphere, which finds expression in the music as well.It is true that the melancholy undertone of the music is always present, but it is certainly notemphasized too much.Apart from some classical tango numbers especially the works of Kraayenhof himself are heard.Kraayenhof is an inspired composer, who draws gratefully from a rich tradition, indeed, but heoften knows how to pass off surprisingly with a striking preference for contrast in rhythmic and sound.Above all the emphasis is on the sparkling and exciting character of the tango.VarietyAnd naturally his music is cut out for his excellent ensemble. There is also room for dancing and singing. The dancing couple Arjan & Marianne demonstrates how graceful especially the tango can be.The passion is particularly propagated by the Argentinian singer Omar Mollo.In all its variety ‘Tango Heroes’ is a powerful program. That is why the somewhat forced entourage of the café could have been omitted. It may just have distracted people’s attention whereas the ensemble itself has sufficient capacity to attract the audience totally.

Eugène Besancon NH Dagblad

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