Premiere composition-order Carel Kraayenhof by Tango Argentino

Last Sunday this composition by Carel Kraayenhof, ‘Waltzing Joke’ (‘Valsecito Juguetón’), had its premiere during the dance-salon of Tango Argentino in Amsterdam.By order of Henk Torreman, whose wife became 65 years of age, Carel wrote a tangowaltzThis composition was presented to Joke Torreman earlier by Carel Kraayenhof, but last Sunday it had its premiere for a big audience in presence of Joke.The tangoworld has got another new composition to dance on!

This tangowaltz is written and arranged for Carels own ‘Sexteto Canyengue’, that placed it on the repertoire.If you also want to have Carel Kraayenhof write a composition for a lover or a beloved one, just email us and we will examine for you the possibilities.

Henk Torreman asks Carel to write a composition for his wife Joke

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