Sexteto Canyengue in Russia 2

The concert in Tyumen was a success. The musicians expect to be invited again! The press-conference was attended by 25 journalists. The most important question asked: Are Dutch people able to play tango, coming from such a cold country? Carel answered that it is absolutely possible, considering the fact that the Russians themselves live in a much colder country. But that country has very many passionate musicians.

After the concert the musicians and soundman Niek Beemsterboer enjoyed a small dinner, borsjt with sour cream and the famous coleslaw, also with sour cream. After that they took the nighttrain to Yekaterinburg, where they arrived at 06:20this morning. The cold might have been much worse at this moment. It is 10 degrees Celsius below zero.Our bass-player Jaap Branderhorst has a second function during this trip, arranging the tourmanagement together with Josef Dmitriev. And Carel informed us that he is doing it fantastic. Tonight at 18:30 the Sextet will play in ‘Ekaterinburg’s Philharmonic Hall’ (700 seats) and after that a meeting with the public has been planned to talk about the concert.

From Tyumen to Yekaterinburg

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