Sexteto Canyengue in Russia 3

After another successful concert, best described as a ‘popconcert’, Carel Kraayenhof and his crew are still in Yekaterinburg. After the concert the musicians had a very enjoyable and inspiring gathering with the audience. The Russian public kept asking about tango and showed a great hospitality. Later that night, in the restaurant, the crew was told that there wouldn’t be a trip to today to Chelyabinsk, where they already performed two years ago.

The decision of the canceling of the concert was taken by the local authorities of Chelyabinsk. At the moment there is a serious epicemic of the flu. This in combination with the expected cold made the authorities decide that for a certain period no public gathering will be allowed in this city. As a consequence the Sexteto Canyengue is still in Yekaterinburg and is doing a nice sightseeing today.Because the temperature is ‘only’ 16 degrees below zero.They will probably travel to Nizhny Tagil on Saturday for their last concert, because St. Petersburg has been canceled as well.That’s the way they do it there…..

Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue still in Yekaterinburg

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