Carel Kraayenhof on tv and radio in Hong Kong

After a good arrival and a short night in a nice and warm Hong Kong Carel and Thirza went to work quickly. They drove in a mini-van between the many red taxis and with a view on the dragonships on the sea in the direction of the mediapark of Hong Kong, with this difference that the studios here are situated alongside a long road with beautiful green mountains in the background. Carel gave a.o. a radio-interview for the programme RTHK Radio 4′ “Morning Call” with presenter Jonathan Douglas. After that they went to another building near the radiostation for the tv-recordings of the programme “The Works”, that is recorded in English (presenter Ben Pelletier) as well as in Chinese (presenter Billy) for TVB Pearl.

If you want to know more you can visit the website:

After this they continued to the beautiful theatre where the Hong Kong Philharmonic always performs, the ‘Hong Kong Cultural Center’ and where Edo de Waard as chief-conductor entered his 8# and last year. The theatre is beautifully situated at the waterfront. Carel had a meeting there with the conductor of his concerts on 3 and 4 June, the originally Uruguayan Gisele Ben-Dor.


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