Golden Age Award 2011 for Carel Kraayenhof and others.

LONDON – September 21th is the last day of summer, and traditionally the day of the Golden Age Awards. Location for the ceremony, a tribute to the creativity of the Dutch society, the historic weight house in Amsterdam.

The following personalities were awarded: Yan van der Heijden (initiator of the championships Living Statues), Carel Kraayenhof (for his entire works), Mellin Mollerus (for her work as a voice actress in a liberation in the context of animal welfare), Dr. Ockels (for his entire works), Rita Reys (for her entire works), Huib Rooymans (for his entireworks), Paul van Vliet (for his entire works).

During the presentation of the Golden Age Award, the National Innovation Award 2011 was presented to Spherium, the Space Trade Centre in The Hague. Initiator and director Ronald Heister took the medal.

The Netherlands Positive Foundation, dedicated to be a better society, is the initiator of the awards. TV personality Henny Huisman is ambassador of The Netherlands Positive Foundation.

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