New theater show- Liberación 2015

Carel Kraayenhof & het Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble


Tour period: January 2015 until March 2015

In an energetic concert the fierce Argentine Tango breaks free from its boundaries. The musical shackles are broken and the Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble goes in search of a new intense musical experience.

In Liberación the musicians will surpass the standards of a theater concert and look for a shared emotional in music with the audience. But above all, Liberación is a journey in a world where music, image, light and space build a relationship with each other. This relationship is supported by impressive video images by Joost Gulien. Joost has transformed the personal images’ archive from Kraayenhof into an essential musical and visual unity.


Liberación takes you to places where people fight in order to conquer their freedom. Kraayenhof traveled, for example, to Curaçao, where over 150 years ago Tula, a leader slave, stood up for the right of individual freedom. This freedom is nowadays reflected in music, and the euphoric happiness of finally having freedom finds in music its apex. Freedom is a basic need for humankind, basic need for musical expression!

An evening full of new musical energy from “the man of the tear drop”, the internationally recognized bandoneón player and his Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble.


Carel Kraayenhof (1958) bandoneón player, composer, artistic leader. ‘Straight from the heart’: his musical ability called the attention of Astor Piazzolla in 1987, where he was invited to work for this great master for three months in New York. Kraayenhof also played as a soloist at the London Symphony Orchestra and the Hong Kong Philharmonic, among other orchestras. In 1993 he received the ‘Golden Nut Cracker’ (an award from the Dutch union for musicians) and in 2003 the Edison people’s choice award for his CD Tango Royal.

More than proud, Carel received in 2005 a decoration from the Argentine government recognizing his cultural efforts on the past 25 years as an Ambassador for the Argentine Tango worldwide. In The Netherlands Kraayenhof has participated in several collaborations with well-known Dutch artists. Some of the most recent and internationally recognized collaborations are with Caro Emerald (TangledUp), Sting, Ennio Morrico and Joshua Bell.

In November 2014 a new album will be released, ‘Liberación’, with the same title of this show.



Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble: Carel Kraayenhof – bandoneón, Juan Pablo Dobal – piano, Jaap Branderhorst – contrabass, Bert Vos – 1st violin, Iefke Wang – 2nd violin, Jan Willem Troost – cello

Concept: Carel Kraayenhof/Joost Groenier/Thirza Lourens, Direction: Joost Groenier, Sound Engineer: Rimmert van Lummel, Video: Joost Gulien, Light Engineer: Uri Rapaport, Manager: Thirza Lourens


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