Newsletter -Temporary replacement for Bert Vos

Dear friends and colleagues,
It is a fascinating day in the canals van Amsterdam. People walk around on a very warm and sunny day. The air is electrical and the first bees and butterflies fly enchantingly. It was possibly about 20 years ago, when Carel and Leo Vervelde asked me to, temporarily, be the manager for the Sexteto Canyengue. Temporarily because I, a movement actress, was recuperating from a heavy operation on my feet. Other than having to be on wheelchair, I could function just fine. I had no other income at that time, and the former manager of the Sexteto Canyengue was busy managing other ensembles. I could answer a phone call and use a fax machine. I was already a few years together with Carel and danced tango at Lalo and Mirta Diaz. Further I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so I thought I could take the temporary challenge. That day is now 20 years ago…
April 2016
I have met many great and interesting people, together with Carel I was able to produce several productions and CDs. I have seen families grow and loved ones laid to rest. It was not always easy to keep it all on track, but it has always been a fascinating challenge. We have traveled to many corners of the world and in The Netherlands we have played in many little churches, community centers and theaters. We, Carel and I, always striving for a perfection and balance, be it organizational or content wise. I would like to thank you, the reader, the fan, the one involved in our activities for your support and trust during the past 20 years. Without you I would not have enjoyed my work this much. Allow me to thank you with a sincere bow. The future? We will live it. A new project, a new external booker, new compositions by Carel, but the bandoneón shall always, always be the connecting factor. This unique instrument is our past, our present and possibly mine, and your, future. Once again, thank you for the past 20 years.

Temporary replacement for Bert Vos
As we mentioned in our last newsletter, our first violin player Bert Vos is suffering from a bad hernia. For the concerts of 29th of April at the Beun theater in Heiloo (NL) and 7th of May in Kingenthal (GER) the CKE will play with a temporary replacement for Bert, the fantastic Ruzana Tsymbalova. Currently she leads the Rotterdam Conservatorium student orchestra OTRA. On the 14th of May Carel and some members of the CKE will perform a special concert together with OTRA during the Tango Special at the Doelen in Rotterdam. We wish Bert a speedy recovery.

On a different note,
Just a few days ago, on March 21st the internationally known bandoneón player Luis Stazo passed away. He was born in the 30’s and together with bandoneón player Jose Libertella started the acclaimed Sexteto Mayor, which performed quite often in The Netherlands. Back in 2005 Sexteto Mayor invited Carel to perform with them during their concert at the famous Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. Images of this concert can be found on the DVD that accompanies the ‘Street Tango’ CD.

Live video recording Hotel Victoria
On April 23rd we will make a live video recording of the Hotel Victoria program at the Edesche Concertzaal (NL). We would be pleased with your presence during this recording. There are still tickets available for this performance.

On King’s Day (April 27th) Carel and Juan Pablo will perform during the ‘Koningsconcert’ in ‘s Graveland (NL). On May 5th Carel and Lavinia will perform during the ‘Liberation Concert’ at the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ in Amsterdam.

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