News letter May

Last week our double-bass-player, Jaap Branderhorst, donated his kidney to his brother Kees. The operation was successful for both.

During his recovery in May and June Jaap will be replaced by Diederik Meijnckens. Diederik’s first concert with the KTE will take place on Thursday May 23# in the Bintang Theatre during the Tong Tong Festival in The Hague. Special guest in this three quarters of an hour lasting concert is the Indonesian cellist Rachman Noor, whom we met last October in the Erasmus House in Djakarta during our workshop there.

Thirza and Jan Willem, our cellist, arranged together with the Foundation Tong Tong and Ton van Zeeland of the Erasmus House that Rachman may present himself by several cello-teachers and get acquainted with the Dutch music-culture.

During the concert of the KTE in The Hague dancing-group Sang Penari will perform on two compositions of Carel.


On Tuesday May 28# Carel and Juan Pablo will give a concert with tango-lecture in Heerlen during the festival ‘Brutal’. In this lecture the music is the main issue, in which not only the tango-culture from Buenos Aires and Montevideo will appear, but in which also the musical relationship with the Argentinian folklore-rhythms will be illustrated.


Between May 29# and June 3#  Bert, Juan Pablo, Carel and I will be in Seoul (South Korea) for two concerts with the Absolute Ensemble under the direction of Kristjan Järvi. This New York ensemble gave a concert with the title ‘Absolute Tango’ in the Concertgebouw in 2012, together with our musicians. This programme, for which new compositions with tango-influences had been written, is received so well that now it has international interest.


With warm greetings,

Carel and Thirza.




Saturday May 25#: concert Carel Kraayenhof with Hanze Orchestra       in Zwolle


Sunday May 26#: Sexteto Canyengue, tango-salon in Edinburgh

Monday May 27#: Workshop by musicians Sexteto Canyengue in Edinburgh (UK)


Saturday June 8#: concert KTE in the Handwegkerk (Handweg 117) in Amstelveen



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